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In an age where high-spec technology and automation is crucial in enhancing efficiencies, ECAP partner with the finest financial institutions within FX, Banking and Execution in order to ensure our clients can process with a minimum of fuss. Whether it’s a multi-level authorisation mandate, a centralised treasury function or simple FX and payment reconciliations, our platforms can provide you with an all-in-one suite which is appropriate to your business needs. You can find a demo of one of our platforms below.

The platforms can cater for single or multiple payments, in a basket of currencies, with instant MT103’s and SWIFT GPI available for most. We use various platforms in order to ensure that we can service a broad spectrum of clients, and a quick consultation with our team will allow ECAP to determine which partner platform would be most suited to your requirements. For more information, please contact our team on + 44 (0) 203 950 5482 or email under the subject heading “Online Platform – Company Name – Enquiry” and a representative will be in touch to arrange a consultation.

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