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Mass Payments

Bulk payment runs have traditionally meant one of the following for corporate clients; either further resource or increased protocols to mitigate flaws in legacy banking platforms. Whether this be a limit of only single payment capability or multiple checks on beneficiary details, both lead to time and cost inefficiencies within payment processes.

This no longer needs to be the case. Our partners proprietary payment platform encompasses a bulk payment solution. We provide a template that allows data to easily be imported from an ERP or manually updated, before being uploaded and screen checked by the system for any potential error. This allows clients within sectors such as insurance, payroll, royalties, travel and hospitality to process thousands of payments with significantly reduced risk of non-delivery. The platform caters for multiple-currency and offers cost and time improvement against industry peers.

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Our systems incorporate a “Check & Fix” software, letting you know if there are errors in the payment credentials prior to submitting the file for processing. This allows our clients to either adjust the template to send or send the remaining payments whilst the error is queried. This ensures optimum efficiency and minimal returns/rejections on your payment runs.

Regular payment templates can also be saved to your account, with the ability to edit the amounts and other sensitive information if required. This avoids the need to repeat the initial upload process.

Leveraging our well-established banking relationships, our payment pricing is highly competitive, allowing ECAP to price each payment and any FX incurred at our usual, industry-leading levels.

For more information or perhaps a demo of our mass-payment solutions, please contact our team on on + 44 (0) 203 950 5482 or under the subject heading ‘Mass Payment Services’ to arrange your consultation. 

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