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Collection Accounts

Navigating the world of banking and payments can be tricky. Customers are finding it harder to obtain and maintain banking, particularly in an age where banks are still struggling to adapt to an ever changing global landscape

ECAP via our partners are able to eradicate this issue. We are able to onboard clients with our usual processes and provide multi-currency IBAN’s, with the relationships we have with Tier 1,2 and 3 banks and also payment service providers partners as custodian of the funds, whilst all being accessible via ECAP platforms. 

With our multiple banking relationships, we’re able to cater for a very broad spectrum of risk, typically solving problems and allowing business to operate that the traditional bank or MSB would turn away.

Whilst ECAP are not a bank and the accounts we offer provided via our partners are not traditional bank accounts with FSCS coverage, we are able to alleviate banking pressures with our collection account products. These enable clients to both receive and settle payments from their own named accounts, with fully licenced banking partners the key fund custodian behind the solutions.

To find out whether we can assist with your current IBAN requirements, please contact our onboarding team on + 44 (0) 203 950 5482 or under the subject heading “IBAN Enquiry – Company Name” to arrange your consultation.

No matter the jurisdiction, sector, or structure, we will find a solution to fit you. 

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