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Custodian Services

When it comes to holding client monies for investment purposes, ECAP recognise that offering client segregated fund accounts or named IBAN’s is simply not enough for our institutional clients. Via our partnership with GC Partners our clients can access a full custodial service, holding Part IV permissions from the FCA, giving us full client money permissions and the highest degree of fund protection by offering both the investment vehicle and investor access to our CASS regulated accounts, in multiple currencies.

Combined with our traditional services, ECAP now offer a full suite of products to institutional clients, breaking the otherwise archaic mould which has been the legacy offering of prime-brokers and banks for many years.

Our partners centralised treasury platform enables clients to process both foreign exchange and same currency payments, either individually or on mass scale.

Client money and investment solutions; providing cash custody and payment processing services including compliance, investor due diligence and the safeguarding of clients’ funds.

Hedging solutions: providing active and passive solutions to manage the performance of the investment, to give clients control on hedge ratios and overall FX exposure thus helping clients to navigate market risks and volatility.

With visibility and transparency being vital assets to our institutional clients, ECAP ensure that commercial terms of any facility are agreed in writing prior to engagement, with no hidden costs or charges incurred mid-way through the relationship.

Our partners platform provides the investment manager with a full overview on all open positions within their portfolio, with real-time reporting on the P & L and mark-to-market positions of trades. This provides full clarity and transparency for both the investment manager and the investor at all times.

Our objective is to ensure that the full potential to maximise the NAV of the investment is reached, with any downside risk mitigated at every opportunity.

For more information about ECAP’s custodian services and how we can build a bespoke institutional offering for your investment, please contact our team. Each initial contact offers the client a full pricing review on the current service offering under a no-obligation proposition. If we can improve the processes, you have the decision as to whether or not you wish to proceed.

Contact our team on on +44 (0) 203 950 5482 or under the subject heading ‘Institutional Services’ to arrange your consultation.

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