Banking, Tech and Payments Product Suite

ECAP offers a wide variety of market-leading back office and technical solutions to our clients.


Through our multiple UK and European banking partners, we can provide virtual bank accounts for clients from a variety of sectors. Our industry-leading compliance team combines an efficient and effective onboarding process with a progressive attitude towards risk; allowing us to consider each and every client on a case by case basis, irrespective of perceived risk. Clients can access their bank account online via the ECAP cloud-based platform which utilises a secure API integration to connect to our multiple banking partners in real time, this enables clients to access their account to view balances, deposit funds, make single or multiple payments and process foreign currency exchange.

Online Platform

Our online trading platform enables you to log on 24/7 from the comfort of your own home or office. You can use the platform to view real-time exchange rates, execute trades, draw down from forward contracts, review past transactions and manage accounts, beneficiaries and payments. You can also add multiple users to your online profile and adjust access and authorisation levels by user.

Mass Payments

Our mass payments platform is suited to any company or charity who need to make mass global disbursements, it is perfect for payroll, shipping, charities, insurance, retail, travel, ecommerce and all sectors that require bulk payment processing. It enables the client to pay multiple beneficiaries, in multiple currencies, in one quick and easy online process. The secure bulk-file upload feature improves operational efficiency and significantly reduces the cost of making multiple payments.

API Integration

Our Application Programming Interface (API) allows your systems or website to plug straight into our live exchange rates, giving users, clients or your customers a full and final settlement figure in a multitude of currencies. Our API is fully adaptable, ensuring a streamlined and seamless payment experience for both you and your clients.