Foreign Exchange Product Suite

ECAP offers a plethora of FX services and products, comprising of all widely accepted industry standard offerings.

Spot Trades

A same-day transaction allow clients to process payments and have funds settled in the beneficiary account within the same trading day, and in as little as one hour. Spot trades allow clients up to two further working days to settle funds for a contract.

Forward Contracts

Forward contracts allow clients to lock in a rate for up to 5 years at a time, preventing adverse currency fluctuations from affecting their profit margin. A 0% deposit facility enables our clients to hedge their currency if they have limited cashflow or capital.

Hedging Strategies

ECAP boast a team of experienced dealers with expert market knowledge and years of professional trading experience. Your appointed and dedicated dealer will help identify and implement a hedging strategy that best suits your organisation. This may consider your company budget, payment timescale, risk appetite, cash flow and current market conditions. We work proactively with our clients to mitigate risk in a perennially volatile market.

*only if the reason for trade falls within the payment exclusions under MiFID purposes.

Market Orders

A widely renowned trading tool to help clients specify certain levels within the market to execute their trade at, both above and below the current trading rate.

Market Commentary

We offer market commentary in the form of daily, weekly and monthly market reports, alongside the personalised commentary and consultancy that all clients can access over the phone.