Safe and Secure Access To The Global Currency Markets

ECAP provide a world-class service. Our experienced, highly-trained staff combine expert market knowledge with an industry-leading trading platform and product suite. This enables our clients to access the global currency market safely, securely, and as cost-effectively as possible.

It is a common misconception that only banks, major financial institutions, and global conglomerates have full access to wholesale currency exchange rates. Through our specially selected multiple providers, we use our position in the market to aggregate the best solution for you as a client, connecting to multiple banking partners in real-time. This enables you to access wholesale currency exchange rates from the live global currency market.

Both professional and personable in our approach, we seek to fully understand your currency requirements in order to help maximise returns and protect you from downside risk. We will tailor a strategy that balances your financial objectives with your appetite for risk, protecting your required currency exposure whilst also exploring potential opportunities to enhance your bottom line.